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The name of the One More Minute‘s Team refers to two things: the first is quite philosophical. There are always moments in life that each human being has wanted to extend endlessly, even if he knew it was impossible.
This desire was first fulfilled with painting until cameras appeared. Since that day, photography has never ceased to evolve and to improve but its aim still the same: trying to fulfil this unrealistic desire to make the past live just a bit longer. Even for just one more minute.
The second reason is directly linked to Disneyland Paris as it is a direct reference to a sentence said from a member of the park to a journalist about the delay: “Yes, we will have one minute of delay.”.
And this single minute of delay was respected.

The team is formed by Arthur and Stan. We are two young autodidact photographers passionate about Disney and more particularly about the Disneyland parks. One of our aims is to pay tribute to the Imagineers’ works. The majority of our photographs are made with H.D.R. – high dynamic range. This technique allows us to overcome one of the main sensor weaknesses: the impossibility to expose properly the whole scene. Thanks to the H.D.R. technique, we can get closer to what the human eye see, and also many artistic renderings become possible.


Since 2012 , we aim to push the boundaries of digital photography by constantly challenging the traditional techniques and incorporating the opportunities provided by new technologies. This results in images with vivid colours and precise details .

Although registered as independent photographers, we have grouped to create a versatile team, suitable for every need and readily available. During the shootings, we can also move together to ensure a maximum taking of pictures on the battlements tightest schedules.


Co-founder of One More Minute, I am a landscape, architecture and street life photographer. I am registered to La Chambre des Métiers and I am an architect from Paris. I want to offer my subjects an environment that can bring them out in a surrealistic way, without altering them.


Co-founder of One More Minute, I am a professional photographer oriented in architecture and landscape photography. I am also in charge of the web development. As long as I remember, photography has always interested me because of its magical aspect – as we can freeze forever a scene – and because of this possibility we have to create this scene.

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