Guadeloupe – The Hidden Wonder

    The Guadeloupe is a French territory located in the Caribbean sea, a small island lost in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, covered by trees and rocks, with waves spreading on them and paradisiac beaches where are growing palm trees. When we were in exploration to find something uncommon to shot, we stopped alongside a road, and decided to enter a deep dark forest. At this instant, it was as though we’ve entered a whole new world : a world with a sky made of trees and a world with a ground made of streams, green leaves and dark brown roots.
    Wherever we look, we cannot see a single trace of human activity. The only noises we can heard were natural, we were in a true jungle. We left our car behind us, we left the road, we left the civilized world behind us. Where are we now?
    Doesn’t it look like the place where it all began? Everything is so peaceful. Between all these explosions of colors around us, it seems that there’s a hole in the green walls around us… Let’s see what’s behind.