Ravenswood Manor – The perfect shelter

Disneyland Park, Paris, France - Phantom manor
During every gold rush, villages were built around the mines, and some lucky pioneers managed to find way more gold than others, becoming rich. Two of those lucky pioneers were Arthur and Gabrielle Ravenswood. They used their wealth to build a huge mansion above the village of Thunder Mesa, while keeping an eye on their mine. This mansion was to be named after their family, Ravenswood Manor. At the mean time, Arthur's brother, Henry, was busy bullying and womanising, but he still managed to have a daughter (Melanie) with his wife, Martha. Years later, while the whole village was preparing to celebrate Melanie's wedding against the will of Henry, a few small earthquakes stroke the mine, leading Henry and his foreman to go and inspect every aspect...

Exploring an old hotel in Hollywood

Walt Disney Studios, Paris - WelcºOºme
The Hollywood Tower Hotel is a Pueblo Deco styled building opened in 1929. The hotel was meant to be home for celebrities and famous people from all around the world. All of the data we managed to gather about the hotel were of one mind: the hotel was always full, it gave a lot of people a job... All was perfect until that Halloween night of 1939. The weather has been menacing for a few days, and it seemed that the city of Hollywood would soon know the biggest thunderstorm of its history. At around 8.00 pm, the storm finally started with thunder so loud that the ground vibrated enough for people to be afraid an earthquake was happening. A few minutes later, an enormous...

HDR Tutorial

HDR tutorial tutoriel

Ce tutoriel est disponible en français ici >> Le H.D.R. Want to make beautiful pictures? Have a look at this quick and easy HDR tutorial and enjoy the possibilities of the High Dynamic Range technique. What is it ? Is it something to eat ? Not really. HDR means « High Dynamic Range ». It is a digital photograph technique a bit particular. The sensor of a digital camera isn’t able to manage the luminosity the same way our eyes do. Our eyes sweep the scene briefly and allow us to make out what is dark and what is bright. The camera freezes a specific moment with the prevailing luminosity. The HDR permits to gather the better of these two worlds. And how do we do…