Arthur Täysikuu

    Co-founder of One More Minute, I am a professional photographer oriented in architecture and landscape photography. I am also in charge of the web development. As long as I remember, photography has always interested me because of its magical aspect – as we can freeze forever a scene – and because of the possibility we have to create this scene.

    I started taking pictures at the age of 10, and I quickly took a growing interest in photography, mostly of landscapes. Nature is impressive in its creations, and I like to spend time in its stunning sceneries. The interest for photography grew in me to a point where I teamed up with my friend Stan to create One More Minute.

    You can find more pictures by simply clicking on these.

    -Scotland Edinburgh - Nelson Monument-X2
    Stand up-X2
    Alive and not afraid-2-X2 (1)
    Reconstitution Militaire Serris-10-X2